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Dyneema® UD is a unidirectional laminate made of two layers of extended chain polyethylene filament tows, cross plied and sandwiched in a thermoplastic film. It is one of the strongest47–49 and most exclusive fibre laminates designed for ballistic protection.

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Dyneema Composite Fabric is a laminated fabric constructed from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber monofilaments and polyester, polyvinyl fluoride, etc. films. Cuben fiber is sometimes confused with carbon fiber, one of the many fibers used as a reinforcement in some Cuben Fiber laminates.

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Meet Our Dyneema Composite Fabric Shelter Line for Light Packs and Deep Sleep. When we first revealed our patented "The One" shelter design back in 2008, we knew we were on to something. Minimal and ultralight, yet with great headroom and a spacious vestibule, The One was an instant fan favorite. Over the years, we have tinkered, adjusted ...


Dyneema sleeve by meter Removable sleeve for dyneema soft shackles. Dyneema is an ultra-shear and abrasion resistant fiber. It is the material used to make cut resistant gloves. Material: 16 strands of dyneema; Cut-proof: truly effective protection against wear and tear; Made in: Italy. Price per one meter, select a bigger quantity to get one single cut.

12-Strand Spectra/Dyneema Rope

Ironlite is the strongest non-rotational single braid synthetic rope, made from UHWMPE fibers. These Ropes have a specific gravity (0.98) allowing it to float without absorbing water. It is an excellent Wire Rope replacement because UHWMPE fibers have 3 times the life span of a wire rope and 15 times stronger than steel pound per pound. Features:

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Data sheet • Product codes. Size28 × 46 × 19 cm. Material5.0 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric, lining 410D Nylon Packcloth with DWR coating. Weight600 g. WarrantyLifetime warranty. Volume18 L. Made inU.S.A. Laptop slotUp to 15/16". Black Code: PCK-RBP-RBD.


Dyneema nonwoven fabric Mechanical performance of ballistic nonwovens The mechanical behavior of nonwovens is very different from woven materials [8-11]. The most important damage properties to notice are impact damages [12-14]. In general, nonwovens show lower strength and stiffness than woven materials, but they

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for Dyneema HB 210 on Stretchlon 800 bagging film ..... 29 Fig. 19 Microscopy of , untested strips of UHMWPE composite materials used in this friction study. The top row is the top surface or stamp side of each material, and the bottom row is the bottom surface. The columns are represented by the two UHMWPE composite materials.

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Specific gravity (buoyancy of a rope / material) Specific gravity is a measure of the density of a material; a Specific Gravity of 1.0 is equivalent to a density of 1g per cm3 (i.e. a Specific Gravity <1 means the material floats). The following table shows the specific gravity of some of the materials commonly used in fibre ropes.

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Fifteen times stronger than high-quality steel, lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to UV light and chemicals, Dyneema® fiber is increasingly used in industries where strength and dependability matter most. Materials: 2.92oz Dyneema Composite Fabric CT5K.18/WOV. YKK #3 Uretek water resistant zipper and pull.

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Dyneema ® SK99: This is the strongest of all Dyneema ® fibres and beats SK78 with about 15% to 20% on strength. But that comes with a price. Therefore this grade is merely used for extreme situations where ultimate strength is of the essence. DX Core 99, Powerline SK99. Upon request we can produce DX Cup with a core of Dyneema ® SK99 fibres ...

Dyneema® Fabrics

The secret to Dyneema® fabric's lightweight performance. Dyneema® fabrics are available as composites, denim, knits, wovens and hybrid fabrics for composite reinforcements. Molecular engineering for the street, stadium, road, backcountry, factory, and more. Dyneema® fabrics make products lighter without compromising on strength and durability.

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Dyneema® fibers for marine and industrial applications. Dyneema® SK75 is the multi-purpose grade. This versatile grade is used in most marine applications like ropes, lines, nets and lifting gear. Dyneema® SK62 is an intermediate grade. It has a lower tenacity and is used in netting applications and in rope

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Fine (threads, cords, lines) Medium (weaving, knitting) 110 100 165 150 220 200 440 400 660 600 750 675 880 800 1320 1200 1760 1600 2640 2400 dtex den Coarse (rope making, netting) SK25 SK60 SK62 ...

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Build a better bowstring. Increase arrow speed. Bloodline 99 is made with a very small diameter of Dyneema® SK99 fiber. Combined with our Patent Pending Next GenCoating Technology, Bloodline 99 helps create a very tough and lightweight bowstring. Next-Gen Coatings provide: - A waxless bowstring - Reduced maintenanc

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Welcome to the DSM Protective Materials Customer Portal . Here you can find the status of your orders, expected delivery dates. and all related documents …


Dyneema rope for back up extender or soft shackles. This dyneema rope is excellent to create light-weight connectors like our so called "soft shackles", whoopies, loops and any kind of seamanship. Dyneema is extremely light in weight with a high strength ratio. 1,5 mm Dyneema rope : used for light objects or at low voltages as in the REMOTE ...

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Translate dyneema in Russian with contextual examples. English. all the matter in the fibers. fyf 46.5 percent are composed of material dyneema, which the developers call the strongest material in the world. dyneema - brand fiber uhmwpe, ultra high molecular weight high density polyethylene, which is used in bullet-proof vests and armored transport.

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Dyneema® Composite Fabric ultralight and high-performance material for outdoor, apparel and leather in consumer and professional markets Besides benefiting from continuing strong uptake for Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology and Dyneema® UD (Uni-Directional laminate), we enjoyed strong demand for Dyneema® fiber during 2019.

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Dyneema® Fiber

DSM's super-strong ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber branded as Dyneema® offers maximum strength with minimum weight. This makes the number of possible applications virtually unlimited. Dyneema® fiber is produced in a patented gel spinning process in which the fibers are drawn, heated, elongated, and cooled.

Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Mars Yard Overshoe 'White' - Nike ...

Kazakhstan. 🇰🇪. Kenya ... Built to take on inclement weather, the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Mars Yard Overshoe is sheathed in waterproof Dyneema material, cinched by a tension cord and secured by a pair of adjustable straps with magnetic Fidlock buckles. The Dyneema wrap can be rolled down for indoor wear, while the shoe's modified SFB sole ...