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Agilite's battle proven Plate Carriers are the most comfortable Plate Carriers on the market. Lightweight, durable and combat-proven by IDF SF and SOF around the world, The K19 and K5 Plate Carrier have crossed borders into some of the …

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 · The plate carrier comes with PALS webbing for additional customization of your loadout. The cummerbund is adjustable from 32" to 48," and the shoulder straps are fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit. This plate …

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Plate carriers are a type of tactical bulletproof vest that can hold rifle plates and other equipment. T he first ones were designed in the 1930s by a Swiss …

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 · A plate carrier, or ballistic plate carrier, is a piece of tactical gear that when combined with ballistic plates is in effect a "bulletproof" vest or body armor. The Soldier Plate Carrier System is an example of a PC or Plate Carrier. Ballistic plates go in front and back – and when loaded that way it weighs 22 lbs.

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Plate Carriers are an essential piece of tactical gear and U.S. Patriot has the best selection from the top brands in the industry. Find the best plate carriers by Crye Precision, 5.11 Tactical, Agilite Gear and many others. Outfit your tactical vest, chest rig or harness with MOLLE Compatible Pouches or Protective Plates to keep yourself safe in the field or on the job.

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Upgrade your armor loadout with the best plate carriers in the market when you shop at Bulletproof Zone! Free shipping for orders above $80!

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S.E.R.T. Paladin Plate Carrier. If you are looking for that ONE plate carrier, look no further. The Paladin was designed specifically to fit most 06 & older 04/05 NIJ III plates, up to 10" x 12" Shooters and SAPI XL.

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 · The Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier was designed for modular attachments on all sides as well as for functionality and operator mobility. The MOPC accepts up to 10.50 x 13.50 Swimmer plate in the front and 10.50x13.50 Swimmer …

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An ordinary PE armor plate can weight anywhere between one and five pounds. In simple terms, PE armor plates are the lightest rifle-protective plates available. The quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process counts for a lot when it …

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 · A plate carrier setup is a significant investment. A plate carrier can be the difference between life and death for military personnel, law enforcement, private security officers, politicians, celebrities, store owners and anyone else who comes under fire for any reason. A plate carrier should be measured based on the maximum waist size.

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WE DON'T SELL ANY KEVLAR PLATES, AND REAL PLATES. ALL BODYARMOR IN THIS CATEGORY DOESN'T HAVE ANY PROTECTION QUALITIES. Light Plate Carrier. Light Plate Carriers created for situations, when you need maximal mobility. Used by Special Force during CQB or operations in mountains. Take a look on it, if you need maximal mobility and small …


The Bodyguard carrier accepts full-size plates, up to a 10" x 13" plate (not included) front and back with easy access pull down flaps and pockets on cummerbund for up to 6" x 8" side plates (not included). Loop is included on the front and back for the application of departmental patches.

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 · A plate carrier, or ballistic plate carrier, is a piece of tactical gear that when combined with ballistic plates is in effect a "bulletproof" vest or body armor. A soldier plate carrier is a lightweight bulletproof vest (weight mostly depends on the plates), have quick access to the essentials and quick release.

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Paraclete Speed Plate Plus Shooters Cut. Upgrade your existing ballistic vest with the Speed Plate Plus. Engineered to protect against high-energy bullets, our Speed Plates Plus are ultra-light, multi-hit protective inserts that consistently deliver exceptional ballistic performance against a wide range of "special threats" bullets.

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 · I live on base in CA, so I'm not in dire need of actual plates. However, I'm thinking of buying an LBT plate carrier and throwing in some of Rogue's 8.75lb plates. Rogue says their plates are not necessarily designed for all plate carriers, but more so …

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 · Plate Carrier XL size. Accommodates armored plate SAPI form factor or Granite. Buckles allow you to quickly unbutton and put on the tile carrier. • The kit includes a set of climate - damping panels of four pieces.

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What is a Plate Carrier? Tactical plate carriers, or plate carrier vests, are a type of body armor that comes in the form of lightweight vests. As opposed to Bullet Proof Vests that have set NIJ armor protection levels due to their built-in armor plates …

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Plate carriers are lightweight vests that are designed to allow the wearer to choose the level of protection via pockets that can fit a variety of armor plates. Our Plate Carriers are fully adjustable making them comfortable for any body type and have a quick release buckle system for easy removal in emergency situatio

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 · Besides the advanced performance levels of plate carriers, modularity is perhaps the second biggest attraction cited by fans. "Modular" means you can attach an array of pouches, accessories, and other tactical gear to your carrier if it features a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, AKA MOLLE (pronounced "Molly") system. Additional back panels are …

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 · The 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier looks and feels like repurposed military gear, but it's also a super-effective workout tool. If you're interested in …

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 · 7. Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0. The Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 offers a premium-grade plate carrier with a full-size that still allows for mobility. It's well designed for use in and out of vehicles, and users can ditch the cummerbund for a strap system creating a minimalist style carrier.

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Plate Carriers for Weight Training Filter by All products Backpack Bag bear komplex body armor contoured crossfit edge edge protector ergonomic games HIIT ICE mobility Murph open plate carrier protector Ruck Sack SAPI swimmers cut T-Shirt Tactical thetacticalgames training vest weight vest Weightvest WOD

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 · The plate carrier has a tight fit for a 10×12 plates (better tight than loose). 5.11 took their time and interviewed the highest level operators in the world and asked for their feedback while designing the tactec plate carrier.that effort did not go unnoticed and the attention to detail and unique features of this plate carrier set it apart in many different ways.

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Ranger Plate Carrier Review by SGT Foley (Hunter AA GA) 8/7/2011 5:28 PM This is the same if not better then the plate carrier our Rangers are issued. I too had a few issues with it though. While carrying heavy loads the cumberbund did begin …