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Product Description. Insulation is 6 ounce Lamilite / Climashield. Snaps down each side to close it and loops so it can be used as a shelter.Created for the military for use by soldiers situated in forward observer posts.Water resistant, machine washable and dryable. Standard poncho liner size so it can be worn under a waterproof poncho.

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A military poncho liner provides a quick, dry, and warm shelter from the elements in the field. It can be used as a blanket or attached to a poncho to keep the chill away. A woobie consists of two layers of nylon surrounding a polyester filling, sewn up along the sides and crosswise to ensure a very tough and durable piece of equipment.

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What is the best piece of gear you still have from the Marine Corps. Discussion. Close. 8. Posted by. 3 days ago. What is the best piece of gear you still have from the Marine Corps. Discussion. I swear I'm not NCIS ... Between the e poncho liner and the goretex portion of the sleeping system. 2. Reply. Share. Report Save Follow. level 1 · 2 ...

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USMC Marpat Zippered Poncho Liner Digi Woodland Woobie Blanket Reversible. $39.99. $12.44 shipping. 11 watching.

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The USMC poncho liner is made in MARPAT Marine camo pattern of durable and soft ripstop nylon. The wobble, as it is known to many makes a great field or emergency blanket due to being very warm, lightweight, and packable. 60″ x 84″. Military Poncho Liners are a number one item to have with you that you'll find plenty of uses as we do.

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Ponchos & Liners. When you crave the utmost in comfort but also need something to keep you warm, protected and dry, our collection of premium-quality ponchos offers something to fit the bill. From basic, solid-colored varieties to those with camouflage designs intended to help you blend in when outdoors, we offer a broad assortment of ...

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4. Hammock insulator. The mesh pattern and all-weather durability of a poncho liner means it's perfectly suited to surviving outside for long periods of time. This quality is best exemplified by the fact that you'll find it in the backyard of …

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Unfortunately, in the Marine Corps, I used them on many patrols down to freezing. Not so good then, but better than nothing. A few years ago, I bought an "enhanced" poncho liner from Brigade Quartermaster, made from a different fill material. It was a couple of ounces lighter than an issue liner and noticeably warmer, maybe down to 40.

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This poncho liner is designed to provide Marines with a. lightweight, piece of equipment used as a covering or field. blanket in any environment. The poncho liner provides. additional comfort and warmth for personnel involved in. combat or field operations. Wet Weather Marpat Poncho Liner Features: Lightweight, Ripstop Nylon, in a Quilted Pattern.

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OP Tactical – Berry Compliant Enhanced Poncho Liner. ... A Multicam, Berry Compliant, USGI Poncho Liner. THE SOLUTION: OPT's owner approached Wild Things about making enhancing modifications to the time proven, simple design of the USGI Poncho Liner, while maintaining the size and styling of the liner, to couple with USGI Ponchos.

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Joined Jan 20, 2008. ·. 14,249 Posts. #5 · Mar 22, 2013. First off, never use a poncho liner close to anything real hot or any exposed flame. Poncho liners will melt or burn up real fast. For normal sleeping needs just wrap up in the poncho liner. If the temperature drops down say below 40 degrees, tie the liner into the poncho.

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Every Marine wishes they would have kept their beloved Woobie and these are actual United States Marine Corps Enhanced Poncho liners with built in zipper. Woodland digital print reverses to Coyote Brown. Great to use as a poncho liner, blanket or a lightweight sleeping bag. Zipper runs around the bottom and side of the liner.

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Marines are now being issued the so-called "enhanced poncho liner," which to most of those who've cuddled up to its synthetic-filled goodness will notice has a huge upgrade that many a servicemember has been clamoring for for years.

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This poncho liner, with the small exception of being Marine Corps Marpat Woodland in color, is exactly like the one that I had in the Army. For those of you who might not know what a poncho liner is: it is 89 1/2"L x 63 1/2"W thermal blanket that is very slightly elongated at each end.

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The "liner, wet weather, poncho" as it's officially called, consists of two layers of nylon surrounding a polyester filling, sewn up along the sides and crosswise to …

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We spend 73 hours on researching and comparing 33 of popular models to determine the Best Enhanced Poncho Liner 2020 you can buy. We will be continually updating this page as we launch new reviews. Once we've tested a sufficient number we'll start to compile lists of the Top Rated Enhanced Poncho Liner.

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The Poncho Liner is an extremely versatile and useful piece of camping, hiking or survival equipment. Since they don't have a head hole in them, the wet weather poncho liners make a good recreational blanket. Another great trait of these Poncho Liners is they dry quickly and easily if they happen to get wet.

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These awesome poncho liners in the distinctive MARPAT camouflage feature a two way zipper, allowing additional insulation when utilized in cold weather. Measuring 60 inches by 70 inches, it is perfect as a small bedsheet or blanket for the outdoors. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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OCP Military Poncho Liner Woobie Blanket Nylon. $42.39. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Woobie DD-214 Poncho Liner Blanket. $47.69. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. OD Green Military Poncho Liner Woobie blanket Nylon.

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Enhanced Poncho Liner (62" X 82") Provides Protection Against Extreme Weather Climates. Zipper Closure Design Prevents Outdoor Elements From Getting Inside The Poncho Liner – Zipper Covers ¾ Of The Woobie, Leaving A Head Hole Opening When Fully Zipped Up. Lightweight Rip-Stop Construction Offers Both Comfort And Durability.

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Designed as a lightweight covering or field blanket for the Marines in combat or field operations, its warmth and versatility quickly made it a favored 'Woobie'. This all-purpose liner's zipper goes around most of its 60″ x 84″ (or so), leaving the top open, so that it can also be used as a sleeping bag liner as well as a poncho liner.

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The SnugPak Poncho Liner is just what you need to keep warm when you're outside. This Camping Gear from SnugPak is not your father's, or Grandfather's, liner. Unlike older square-shaped poncho liners, the Snug Pack Poncho Liner has a dedicated hood with draw cord as well as dedicated sleeves. No more cold chills when lifting your arms while wearing a poncho.

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This Poncho Liner is an easy-packing low-bulk solution for adding extra warmth to your camping experience. Zipper on the sides allow you to zip this Liner shut into a summer-weight sleeping bag on its own, or combine with a typical military poncho for protection against cold or wet ground conditions. polyester ripstop shell and insulation

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When the elements are getting in your way, an Army poncho liner will keep you warm and dry. Instead of struggling with bulky umbrellas, a sleek military poncho liner will more effectively keep the rain away and protect your clothing. Plus, with an insulated poncho, you can get an extra layer of warmth.Our collection of ponchos and liners is vast, including a variety of prints, …

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This high quality poncho measures 87″ x 62″ and is great to roll up and throw on your backpack or bug out bag. You will barely notice the weight, but you will be thankful for the warmth. Made in the USA. Features: Marine Corps Issue Poncho Liner MARPAT Camouflage Pattern with the EGA embedded. Measures: 87 inches x 62 inches, Weight: 1.5 ...

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The new enhanced poncho liner features a 2 way, double sided-pull tab which allows the "sleeping bag" to be opened from the inside or out. The added zipper runs along 3/4 of the poncho liner's edge, leaving only the top open when fully zipped. With two zipper pulls, you have the option of leaving the bottom open, forming a "tube".